Circle Of Five's bespoke creations and specially chosen products, by us, create a calming elegance for a more meditative way of life. Please message us if you require bespoke items that you cannot see on here.

  • Circle Of Five Handmade

    Here you find many of our handmade designs such as this large driftwood piece engraved with a tree of life from top to bottom standing on a apt petrified piece of wood.

  • Wire-work Tree Of Life

    Handmade by Julie-Ann bespoke wire-work in many forms along with jewelry creations of spiritual significance.

  • Catch A Rainbow

    Hundreds of designs to shine rainbows upon your day and walls. Hang in a window and as soon as the sun catches the Austrian crystals the rainbows come alive all over your room showering down beautiful peace.

  • Crystals

    Here you will discover many collectible crystals to delight the senses in so many ways like meditation, healing and pure awe as you gaze within the formation over millions of years upon and beneath our earth.

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Driftwood Tree Of Life Engraving.

This exquisite piece of large drift wood found on the Cornwall coast  was allowed to dry over a period of two years in a natural environment. We then cut this in three at points of natural interest for artwork to be engraved upon it. After a deep cleaning process we set to, to apply a number of coats of warm natural plant wax with a brush and then buffed this by hand for a number of hours giving a deep enhancing look of the grain of the wood. This piece you will see a tree engraved within which we call the Tree of Life.

Height: 64cm Circumference: 89cm Weight: 7.1kg

To highlight this beautiful piece we position it on a gorgeous slab of Petrified wood dating back a few million years. Please note the petrified wood can be purchased separately or as a pair.


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