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Spirit Message Board (Twin Spirit)


Spirit Message Board (Twin Spirit) Twin Spirit board with two distinct designs of the circled Pentagram and the Dragon on old Oak wood. Meaning of the Pentagram: The word pentacle or pentagram is far from the understanding of many at this time as the misunderstanding that it relates to evil, it is however the total opposite of that it was originally meant as symbol of protection against evil entities. During the modern age of Wicca the word 'pentacle' or pentagram. 'is a circumscribed pentagram', which means 'a pentagram drawn inside a circle so that the points of the pentagram touch the circle'. For me this design is a symbol of creation, it denotes the human form of five. each point reaches out with EARTH, WATER, AIR, FIRE and last but not least SPIRIT or ETHER. the combination relating to completeness therefore brings together all things within when one meditates. Using this Spirit Message Board will be enhanced by the true understanding of the pentagram.

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